Top 5 songs I grew up with – or how I horrify the world in one post

Kate at Kate Takes 5 has set us quite a task with her new Listography entry; a particularly difficult one for me because my early days memory is shockingly bad (as in, I remember almost nothing, something about which psychiatrists would probably have a field day) and also because the music I grew up with was mostly French and will therefore mean nothing to any of you, except to horrify and amuse. My parents mostly listened to old French stuff and Christian praise music and did not keep in touch with the ‘modern stuff’ at all. I don’t think we listened to the radio much (but as I said above, I can’t remember anyway) and my dad’s collection of old French classics wasn’t to my taste even in those days. I’ve had to think quite hard to come up with a list, and you will see it really is all late eighties/early nineties stuff that I became aware of through school and becoming a teenager. I AM NOT CLAIMING TO HAVE ANY TASTE. In fact, you will probably be utterly convinced of it long before you reach number five… 1. Patrick Bruel – Casser La Voix (Break My Voice)

This is the one of the first cassette tapes I bought with my pocket money. It was a huge hit in France and all the fans (mostly girls) were known to go a bit mental and scream ‘Patriiiiiick’ at his concerts and presumably break their own voices in the process. Patrick Bruel is still well known in France, is still singing and is a decent actor, as well as apparently being a world class poker player. 2. Indra – Misery
I’m appalled I ever liked this, but I had her CD so it must have meant something to me at the time. In my defense, this was around the time the world gave us Two Unlimited (No no, no no no no, no no no no, no no no no limits!) so it was all the rage. 3. Enigma – Sadeness Part I
I went through a New Agey stage around the time I was 14 when I would light candles in my bedroom and lie on the floor with my eyes closed listening to this stuff. I loved Enigma and Deep Forest and other trance-y stuff. My early to mid-teens were stressful and somehow this music helped to help me escape the tenseness of my family situation. Listening to it again now, I still quite like this tune but it also gives me the creeps, so even if I ever wanted to, there will be no reliving the old days for me! 4. Pascal Obispo – Lucie
I was an instant fan when Pascal Obispo’s album ‘Plus Que Tout Au Monde‘ (more than anything in the world) hit the charts. He is still huge in France, though now he writes musicals (his latest is called Adam & Eve – the Second Chance’, which is hilarious to me – and possibly the worst idea in the world?) and has no hair. 5. Michael Jackson – Black or White
The nineties were full of great Michael Jackson songs and I think Black or White is one of his greatest. At the time I didn’t know any English so I didn’t understand a word of what he was saying but it didn’t matter and that’s the beauty of good music.


15 thoughts on “Top 5 songs I grew up with – or how I horrify the world in one post

  1. Interesting. Not essential to understand the words. Loved Ritchie Valens’ La Bamba, but know no Spanish. And have always been a huge fan of Piaf and my French is sorely wanting.

    1. I agree, it’s completely non-essential. Though when you do finally discover what you’ve been singing, you can sometimes have some interesting surprises!

  2. How could I have not included Michael Jackson??!! Who along with Enigma are the only ones on your list I know…off to check out the others now…

  3. When I first arrived in France I would watch these TV programmes which had famous French artists like Patrick Bruel and Pascal Obispo on them, who I had never heard of, and when either of these two songs came on the whole audience could sing along word for word, while I didn’t have a clue. 12 years later and I know both songs very well now, in fact you’ve got me humming Lucie now….

  4. Hi, I just found this via Kate’s linky. That’s a bit of a different take, you come from a very different background to me so I know none of these songs except for Michael Jackson. How cool at the time was this video? My 6-year-olds love it now, it’s one of their favourite songs.

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