Welcome to my new home!

welcome new blog

At last, the blog has moved! I’ve been threatening to do it for months and it has been a challenge to actually get here, but yay, I’m so excited! It’s a completely DIY move, so there are some issues yet to resolve, but I’m learning. If you’re reading this, you have made it to the new home and for that I thank you. And if you are visiting for the first time, welcome!

This may be the first day of afrogatlarge.com but all my past content is here and I haven’t made any drastic changes to the way that posts are categorised; it should all be pretty self-explanatory.

The most significant change as far as you are concerned is that you can’t add the blog to your reading list via WordPress anymore but you can copy/paste the blog URL to add to Feedly, Bloglovin etc, or grab the RSS feed from the top-right corner of the blog header. You can also subscribe to the mailing list (in the sidebar) to receive weekly roundups of posts directly into your inbox and occasional extra stuff/gifts/heads-up announcements and such-like.

Hopefully, you will find the new place easy to navigate, and don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can help you with, whether it is to do with France and expat stuff, or anything else at all.