Musical Christmas Cheer (or not)

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We like to be a bit different a la casa del Frog when it comes to Christmas music. We listen to all the popular songs but we like to add other more obscure tracks to our playlist. Personally I like it that not all Christmas songs are full of cheer but that some are a bit more dark. Here are my favourites:

1. For the Gloomy Christmas lovers – Low ‘Long way around the sea’

2. My personal favourite – Joni Mitchell ‘River’

3. Another perfect Low tune ‘If you were born today’ – who knew Mormons could be such bringers of cheer?

4. Sarah MacLachlan ‘Wintersong’

5. Michael Bubl√© ‘All I want for Christmas’ – I love what he’s done with the Mariah Carey classic

6. Johnny Mathis ‘When a child is born’ – So bad it is good, this one is a bit of a joke with my extended family, featuring the cheesiest spoken bit in the middle with the immortal lines: ‘And all this happens because the world is waiting; waiting for one child. Black, white, yellow, no one knows.’ Indeed.

7. And finally, because Christmas hasn’t truly started until you’ve heard this one: The Pogues ‘Fairytale of New York’

Merry Christmas everyone!