Five Minute Friday: Prepare

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“Are you prepared?”

This is a question I’ve been asking myself quite a lot over the last week. In between Christmas and making huge financial decisions about our future, let alone packing up a house in a month, it has sure felt relevant.

Can you ever be fully prepared? We certainly aren’t, and it doesn’t sit altogether comfortably. I shouldn’t be surprised. In becoming an adult, becoming responsible, one of the things you learn is how to mitigate risk. That’s why we have insurance, and guarantees, that’s why we prepare.

Isn’t it right? Be responsible, consider your options carefully, and avoid risk at all cost. In some ways it is completely acceptable and reasonable and right, and yet, you simply cannot avoid risk. It is a part of life, and one of the things about adulthood is realising that there will always be risk. You may sometimes feel like you tether on the edge of a precipice, because the world is ever turning and you never know what the future holds for you personally, for your family, your nation and worldwide.

So we are, in a way, prepared. And in others, we are not, and it’s OK. It’s something we all have to live and make peace with, and learn to thrive in it, embrace and revel in it. So here’s to life, and being prepared.

A bit.

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