My First Post

Sunset in the Downs

Hi all,

This blog started as a partially random thought in my head in the early hours of this morning – by early hours, read about 9am after a tedious train journey into London to get to work, yawn. And so what the heck? Here it is.

I was thinking about the strange habit that missionaries have of sending newsletters to friends, family and prayer groups about what they are doing. I thought about the fact that I have lived in England for nearly 12 years and never once did it occur to me to write a newsletter to people back home. Maybe because I didn’t think of it as ‘home’?

Anyway, hubby and I have been married over a year now, thinking about starting a family, thinking about the future, and thinking about moving back to France – eventually! So let’s say we go back to France, will that make us ‘missionaries’? In any case, it will be A BIG DEAL and there’ll be plenty to talk about from both sides of the cultural divide, and I shall do my best to impart any wisdom I have gleaned along the way.