Life With Two Kids

Life has been crazy over here chez la Frog. Pregnancy did its usual thing of taking over my brain space so that there was no room left for anything other than ‘and the next day… And the one after… And the one after that…’. Not that anything terribly wrong happened, just the usual horrors of acid reflux, low iron and the June heat but I just couldn’t focus long on anything, couldn’t settle to think, all my energies were spent cooking up that baby and doing life with a nearly 2 year-old.

And now of course there are two! So my brain is just as struggly as before when it comes to multi-tasking and thinking.

Little Girl is now a big girl, she turned 2 a month and a half ago and is lovely and exasperating in equal measures (thanks for spreading all that lovely flour on the floor darling; love you xx).

Luciole is 10 weeks, and what a lovely baby she is. Much easier than her sister at the same age, in that she doesn’t cry at night. I know, I’m embarrassed to admit it because I know it’s so rare but it’s true. She wakes up to eat but doesn’t cry. We’re co-sleeping so I feel/hear her all the same but it turns night feeds into a dream. I am so much better rested than I was with her sister, despite having had as rough a birth this time as the first time, that I now realise how unwell I really was in the first couple of months with Little Girl. Anyway… It’s all in the past now and I am enjoying this new stage of life. The trickiest thing really is not having four arms. Even with Luciole in the sling, I am not quite tall enough to be able to easily multi-task. I can’t bend down properly, let alone cook, do the washing-up or whatever else you’re supposed to be free to do if you carry your baby in a sling. I can’t do it! So I sit down a lot, and hold the baby, and play with Little Girl. These early days are so precious and fleeting that it seems a shame to spend them cleaning – although I do do some of that too, and cook, and change an awful lot of nappies, just not as often as I probably should – if you come visit, the house is just more likely to look like a bomb site than a stately home, that’s all!.

The two sisters getting to know each other