French Christmas posts round-up

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I bought the special Radio Times Christmas TV schedule yesterday and had a moment’s panic because it means the Christmas countdown is on and I’ve not bought Badgerman’s present yet, or decided on a Christmas menu (French-inspired of course), and I really should get going on all these things. Add to this my deluded intention to get the girls to do some Christmas craft for the house (mainly snowflakes and stars), bake some house-shaped cakes for them to decorate in the gorgeous silicone molds I got gifted years ago and have yet to use, and make some chocolate truffles for our neighbours and Little Girl’s teachers. All this and I intend to enjoy myself too! Ah well, something’s got to give, and I suspect it’s the decorations that will get the cut.

I’ve had a crazy schedule of late despite my course being on hold due to a financial cock-up (don’t ask), between Luciole’s absolute refusal to go to bed and sleep through (up to an hour to get her down and up twice most nights), making gift tags for a craft stall I was holding at our local Christmas Fayre and learning choir parts for a little impromptu Christmas choir I am getting ready to perform at my church’s Christmas services on the 20th. Still, I love Christmas and didn’t want to post nothing so I’m doing a little round-up of past posts I’ve written. Enjoy!

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Musical Christmas Cheer (or not)

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We like to be a bit different a la casa del Frog when it comes to Christmas music. We listen to all the popular songs but we like to add other more obscure tracks to our playlist. Personally I like it that not all Christmas songs are full of cheer but that some are a bit more dark. Here are my favourites:

1. For the Gloomy Christmas lovers – Low ‘Long way around the sea’

2. My personal favourite – Joni Mitchell ‘River’

3. Another perfect Low tune ‘If you were born today’ – who knew Mormons could be such bringers of cheer?

4. Sarah MacLachlan ‘Wintersong’

5. Michael Bublé ‘All I want for Christmas’ – I love what he’s done with the Mariah Carey classic

6. Johnny Mathis ‘When a child is born’ – So bad it is good, this one is a bit of a joke with my extended family, featuring the cheesiest spoken bit in the middle with the immortal lines: ‘And all this happens because the world is waiting; waiting for one child. Black, white, yellow, no one knows.’ Indeed.

7. And finally, because Christmas hasn’t truly started until you’ve heard this one: The Pogues ‘Fairytale of New York’

Merry Christmas everyone!