The Mysterious Tradition of Weepy Christmas adverts

The mysterious tradition of weepy Christmas adverts blog header 281115

Around this time of year, Britain gets taken over by a slightly bizarre (to me) early Christmas tradition. Major supermarkets and popular department stores have an unofficial competition for most soppy, heart-strings-pulling, commercially near-irrelevant, cuteness-overload Christmas advert.

John Lewis opens the flood gates everywhere and is always a strong contender for ‘Best Christmas Ad’, if there ever was such a thing.

And this year, the rightful heir to the Best Christmas Ad trophy might well be supermarket Sainsbury’s with its Christmas disaster tale as experienced by Mog the Cat.

This year, I would say these two are the main contenders but you might well disagree!

For more of the amazing Christmas ads British stores have given us this year, visit Mumsnet’s helpful 2015 round-up.



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