Brush up on your Spoken French {day seven}

{day seven} Brush up on your spoken French
Now’s a good time to look back on those long-gone high school days with misty eyes and wonder why you didn’t keep up with the French once you left. You’re never too old to try again. And now, with companies like Skype making communication between humans even better and more streamlined, there really is nothing to stop you. There are plenty of ways to learn:
    • Evening courses at a local college or independent language school;
    • Private lessons with a tutor;
    • Online distance learning qualifications through a college or school.
    • Local conversation classes
    • Private lessons with a tutor online, like my old school friend Sandrine, or Geraldine, who as well as running courses through her blog Comme Une Française, also gives practical advice on all manners of French things with an entertaining vlog.
    • If you have children, your local French community may run toddler groups or after-school French clubs, like the one I attend in Brighton.
    • Rosetta Stone courses
However, maybe you know that learning French is just not going to happen for you. Well, what do you know, you can always learn how to fake it…

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