Five Minute Friday: Keep

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I’m back this week to take part in Five Minute Friday, where you follow a prompt and write for five minutes flat. I did it long-hand and cheated a bit by giving myself 10 minutes. I think it’s fair!


Ever since we decided to buy a house last December, I’ve been trying to work out how to trim down our possessions, what to sell, what to give away, what to keep. I was… optimistic in my ability to make efficient decisions.

I’m not exactly a hoarder but I am not a tidy person and I like to keep hold of stuff. It’s a lethal combination. I like physical books and Badgerman likes physical music, specifically CDs. Between the two of us we are a removal company’s worst nightmare. I still have diaries from when I was a teenager, literary horrors full of emotional outbursts which I have no intention of reading again, but physical reminders nonetheless of the person I used to be. A part of me wants to hold on to that.

I tell myself that I might some day need this bit of string or that old candle holder and I store it (badly) until that day comes. And of course, for the most part, the day never comes and in the meantime, clutter accumulates, until you want to move out and dear lord do you feel inadequate then!

Sometimes I wonder ‘what would I take with me in the event of a fire‘? The answer should never be belongings, unless your passport happens to be by the front door, but it’s a good question, isn’t it? Would I feel like I lost myself if it all went up in flames? I am not my possessions and I do not want them to own me, yet as I ponder what to do with them all, I can see how much they do in fact have more of a hold on me than I would like.


11 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Keep

  1. Hi Pauline, Great FMF post on keep. Your dilemma is shared by anyone who has ever moved . . . what to keep and what to get rid of. Such a hard choice, but in the event of a fire, we are more than our belongings. Short of a fire though, how to decide? Blessings to you all as you make those hard choices.

  2. Je crois bien que nous avons quelque chose en commun. Je me demande vraiment comment c’est possible !

  3. I understand how you feel and I would be the same. I had a big argument with my husband when he threw away a big box full of mixed tapes I kept , even after not having a cassette player any more. I think that I like to hold on to memories, and sometimes memories come in the form of objects. The good thing is we have a small apartment so I find it easier to get rid of stuff now because we just don’t have the space. Good luck with the move 🙂

  4. My husband was in the military and we moved regularly, every four years like clockwork. In terms of housekeeping and possessions, it was a good thing because every four years we did a major clean out and the house was spotless — both the one we were leaving and the one we went to.

    That doesn’t mean it was easy and I know how difficult choosing what to keep and what to let go of can be.

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