Ready or not, 2015 here we go!

2015 fireworks

Our Christmas and New Year celebrations have been and gone, relaxed and low-key just as I like it. I hate feeling stressed on Christmas Day and took measures to ensure I was not rushed off my feet and was able to enjoy the day. And so I did. At one point, Badgerman took the girls to church and I found myself sitting down in between cooking jobs with a cup of tea and a Ferrero Rocher, with my folks on Skype in the background and singing away to Mariah Carey’s I don’t want a lot for Christmas’. For a short while, I was filled with wonder at how calm the morning was. It’s a rare treat these days. And while the holiday didn’t remain ‘calm’ it was enjoyable for the most part, even though I did miss the New Year fireworks because Luciole woke up for a feed 5 minutes before midnight. Timing child, timing.

Then we picked up some cardboard boxes (all hail freecycle) to start packing up the house, and this is what the dining room and office look like right now:


2015-01-06 15.58.13

I am slowly willing myself to packing away two boxes a day. I started in the living room and as Badgerman was whimpering about the mess and how bare the walls were without all our stuff on the shelves, I came to the realisation that this room at least already no longer feels like home. Our living space is not a place of rest but a waiting room for our stuff, and it gives a very odd feeling of displacement. And yet our mortgage application is still outstanding, so you know, let’s not get ahead of ourselves or anything. It’s hard to try and contain your anticipation when nothing is set in stone, yet you do have to move forward, right? We need to prepare the kids somehow, so Little Girl knows we are moving to a new house and is excitedly ‘helping’ to pack up. Even Luciole has joined in, throwing DVDs into boxes with gay abandon and what appears to my horrified eyes to be the strength of a bear.

And so onwards we go, looking ahead to an eventful (and expensive) year. Happy New Year everyone.


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