Giving praise when praise is due (and also glasses)

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It’s often easier to remember the negative things that happen to us than to remember the positive, don’t you think? It’s certainly been my experience. For better or for worse, it comes more naturally to moan about the things that don’t work out than to give praise and offer genuine compliments when good things happen. It can feel quite exposing and vulnerable.

I had an appointment at Specsavers last week which I was slightly anxious about from a financial point of view. The last time I changed my frame was 2009 so I knew I was due a replacement, and I suspected that I would also need a change of prescription. All this meant spending money we simply don’t have at the moment.

But because I am on their Lensmail scheme, I got a pretty incredible deal. The scheme works so that I get my contact lenses delivered to my home in the post every three months or so. It is very convenient and cheap. The only requirement for the scheme is that I need to have a contact lens check every year.

I’m not very good at booking appointments, mostly because I have the disastrous habit of putting off unpleasant tasks (such as using the phone to call strangers, even for as pedestrian a thing as an eye test) but also because finding childcare whilst I do this is not easy to organise. The test was free (as was the eye test) so that was one good thing but I kept putting off making the appointment for about six months and got delayed in receiving my next lenses’ package. I really must get better at this, because I really shouldn’t have worried.

The very best thing happened at the end of the eye test. Turns out things have moved on a bit since the last time I was there. Because I required a change in prescription (one of my eyes keeps getting worse whilst the other gets better – which is weird, right?), I was going to need new glasses, and the optometrist cheerfully told me that I could choose from any of the cheaper frames and they would be free for me because I was on the Lensmail scheme. If I preferred one from the £69 range and above, they would only cost me £10, all the way up to their most expensive ones (£125) which would only cost me £45. And no need to pay for the lenses. That’s really the best deal I have ever heard of. And the reason for this generosity? ‘We believe that everyone in need of glasses should have a pair’. How amazing is that?

I am particularly hopeless at choosing glasses. Not only can I not tell whether or not they suit me, but I don’t want glasses that swallow my face or ones that have ‘statement glasses’ written all over them. Basically, I am someone who would really REALLY rather not have glasses at all so wants minimum fuss around that area. I was lucky I found some in a black, lightweight, basic but not old-person-glasses either style in the It’s Free! section. Still I dreaded showing them to Badgerman, who is notoriously averse to change, and I asked him in advance to tell me honestly if he disliked them but to not go yuck with his mouth or face when he said it. I have feelings, please spare them a bit! He said that he was initially taken aback because he expected me to go for a similar style to my old pair and they were very different, but they are growing on him. Faint praise, hey…

And so here they are, my new black, basic but not old-person glasses. I think they will do, but to be honest I still can’t tell.

Not a massive difference, what do you think?

Not a massive difference, what do you think?

2 thoughts on “Giving praise when praise is due (and also glasses)

  1. I’ve worn glasses since I’m 8 years old and it’s still a pain finding the right pair that suits my face… Last time I had to buy from the teenagers section, because apparently I have a small face that is not made for adult frames!! Anyway, I can relate about putting off unpleasant tasks. I hate ringing the doctor/tax office/social welfare/Domino’s pizza/insurance company… I’m getting better at it because I realised there’s no reason why things would go wrong and with 2 kids, I really can’t keep putting stuff off just because I’m too lazy or scared to ring someone

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