The day I forgot I had a child

Sunday was a big day of parental embarrassments, which I am only sharing because, well, I always thought I would never be THAT parent, and now I am and let it be a warning to others.


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Parenting Fail Number 1

When we were at church that morning, I asked a friend to look after Luciole for the few minutes it takes to leave Little Girl in crèche. I got back and sat down and started to listen to what was going on. I think it took me quite a few minutes to realise something was missing and that I had another child in the building somewhere. Turns out she was just a couple of rows down in my friend’s arms and I had walked past her to get to my seat…

Parenting Fail Number 2

This conversation, which took place between my hairdresser friend and Little Girl, was recounted to me when I picked the girl up at the end of crèche.

Hairdresser Friend: so, Little Girl, I am coming to your house tomorrow to cut your hair.

Little Girl: That’s great! Then I can see!

Hairdresser Friend: Would you like to see?

Little Girl: Yes please!


Yes, it had been a long time since her last haircut. Yes, I am a terrible parent.

Disclaimer: I have had to give her a fringe because she would rather not see than wear hair accessories. I have tried countless time to put it back for her and she has refused or taken the clip off within 5 seconds of having it on. However last time I cut her fringe, it was carnage so we’re getting professional help from now on as it’s quite clear I cannot cut in a straight line. But it is true that I did wait too long and she has been having trouble seeing for a little while…

The infamous fringe may have been a little longer...
The infamous fringe may have been a little longer…



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