Told you it wasn’t summer

A few posts ago, I ranted about the fact that the Brits jump at the first warmish ray of sunshine and make grand announcements in the media and elsewhere that ‘Summer Is Here’.  Ironically, since the warning last week that there was a drought in the South of England, it has not stopped raining. And that’s really all I have to say on this subject for now.

British weather
Today's glorious British Summer day

2 thoughts on “Told you it wasn’t summer

  1. Let’s hope it lifts the hosepipe ban!
    We haven’t had nearly enough rain down here in Montpellier either. We usually get torrential rain at this time of year, so far it’s just rained a bit.

    1. It would be good if it could be lifted! I’ve never known a hosepipe ban to be enforced in the UK though; I wonder if people would actually comply? I find that the English care a lot more about the state of their gardens than the French and would struggle more to accept that their grass is going to turn brown.

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