Stollen Tasting #2

Welcome to the tasting of our second Stollen, with a surprising outcome, at least for me.


Shop/Make: Bahlsen Edel-Marzipan Stollen


Size/Weight: 500g


Presentation/Attractiveness: 3

I’ve come to the conclusion it is hard to make a stollen look bad but it was slightly odd in that it looked a bit like a roll.


Amount of Icing Sugar: 4

Very white looking all over.


Crumb Factor a.k.a moistness: 2

It was a very dense cake. It didn’t collapse into crumbs but still ended up feeling quite dry in the mouth.


Taste: 3

Nothing stood out particularly and I certainly couldn’t taste any citrus peel of any kind. It was a decent bit of cake but not very more-ish.


Marzipan Content: 2

The most disappointing bit about the whole cake. Instead of a log of Marzipan running through the middle, it was thinly rolled into it. Unfortunately it got rather lost in the cake mix and didn’t stand out at all.


Nut and Raisin Content: 4

I think I must have dreamed the ‘a Stollen has nuts’ thing. There wasn’t a nut in sight but there were lots of raisins and they tasted very raisin-like.


Alcohol Content: 0

Not a drop to be found. Very disappointing (see Taste).


Conclusion:  3

Disappointing. I had high expectations from Bahlsen, what with it being German aka home of the Stollen and particularly with ‘Marzipan’ in the title. It was average and a bit dry. That said, if that was the only Stollen available I would eat it and not be too unhappy (at least there was Marzipan and not poppy seeds in it). Possessed with a strange premonition (or inside information) Badgerman wasn’t the slightest bit surprised but in his own words: it will do.


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