Stollen Tasting #1

At last we have started the Stollen!

Yay to us. It’s not happening a moment too soon but technically we are still in the holiday season, right? In France it is tradition to send your Happy New Year cards in January (instead of sending Christmas cards) so I am extending the holiday cheer a la Casa della Frog until, well, until the Stollen is all gone. I’m giving it two weeks max.

We started this afternoon with Tesco’s very own Stollen. As you will see from the ratings below, it is a very strong contender for the winning spot and it is possible that it will just go downhill from this point on. So here goes:-

Stollen Loaf
Stollen Loaf #1

Shop/Make: Tesco Christmas Stollen Loaf


Price: I can’t find the receipt to check but Badgerman said it was cheap so I am going to guess probably £4.99 or under


Size/Weight: 550g


Presentation/Attractiveness: 4

We agreed it was a very decent looking bit of cake that was just asking to be eaten.


Amount of Icing Sugar: 4.5

Almost entirely covered in a decent layer of the snowy stuff


Crumb Factor a.k.a moistness: 4.5

It held together very nicely, with a good dense-yet-spongy feel when pressed


Taste: 5

All you might want from a Stollen, subtle hints of spices and satisfyingly gooey at the same time.


Marzipan Content: 5

A generous log of Marzipan all through the center, and a very tasty one at that, amazing! I expected a hard coin-size lump and instead it melted in the mouth.

Nut and Raisin Content: 4.5

No nuts, but just the right mix of raisins and cake

Alcohol Content: 4

You could really taste the alcohol yet it was subtle. Badgerman was very happy.

Conclusion:  4.5

It was De-Li-Shuss. I had low expectations of Tesco’s offering and was pleasantly surprised.

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