The Cool Baby Dribble Solution

Being new to this baby malarkey, I have very little idea as to what exists to make a mum and a baby’s life easier, so it’s always fun to discover new things. That’s one of the reasons why baby cafes, Mums & Tots groups and the like are great; you get to meet lots of new mums from all walks of life and sneakily check out their baby accessories for ideas. I do anyway (and also for the cake).

One of my friend’s baby was sporting the coolest bandana ever, grey with pink skull and crossbones. These bandanas are not just like any other bib, they are designed especially for dribbly babies; they are double-layered, with a funky upper layer and a fleecy bit on the other side in a coordinated colour. No matter how dribbly the baby, their clothes and body stay dry! And in the winter, I guess it can also act as a scarf.

You can find them in Sainsbury’s, like the one in the picture below, but my favourite is the Funky Giraffe website; not only has it got loads of great designs, but the more bibs you buy, the cheaper they are, what’s not to like?

A very dribbly bear

5 thoughts on “The Cool Baby Dribble Solution

  1. You’re lucky that Mum and baby groups are so popular in the UK, I’ve really struggled at finding any in France.

    That bandana is such a great idea! I’ll have to have a look to find something similar here.

    • A Frog at Large says:

      Is it really that bad? That’s a real shame; here, I could go to a different one every day of the week, it is very helpful indeed.

      • Maybe it’s just where I live but I do know of another Mother further South who has struggled to find anything also. I have one parent group that covers a large area here and they meet once a month so not much! Cannot even imagine every day of the week, how lovely!

    • A Frog at Large says:

      It goes to show how rubbish I am at research that I didn’t even know there were other makes. I now wonder what search terms I used to completely miss this… Thanks for stopping by!

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